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Savour the finest Indian and Indo-Chinese traditions of flavour and aroma

Zaika Indian Restaurant

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Zaika is a restaurant for authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine in Sandton, Johannesburg. Join us as we tantalise your taste buds and delight you with the flavours and aromas of the East.

The word "Zaika" means "taste" - and the cuisine at Zaika echoes this sentiment.

Spicy, rich, flavourful and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe Indian food. All these words are apt in describing Indian cuisine, for it is diverse in variety and taste, and is made up from a wide array of regional cuisines throughout various parts of India.

The merger of Chinese ingredients like soy sauce and vinegar with garlic, ginger, and chili peppers used in generous quantities - not as a means of seasoning, but as primary ingredients.

Our highly acclaimed chefs use traditional cooking techniques to bring you the ultimate culinary experience and remain true to the finest Indian and Indo-Chinese traditions of flavour and aroma.

From the Tandoor to the Wok, from Curries to Biryanis, come join us at Zaika for an explosion of flavours and aromas, rich and diverse from the cultures they originate from.